AR Stickers are out on 1st and 2nd Generation Pixel and Pixel XL


Google finally released a feature that we first saw at the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL launch event back in October, AR Stickers. This feature utilizes Google’s AR core to place are models of Star Wars, Stranger Things, and other characters in your camera frame for you to have fun with as you please. The AR models will even interact with others. If there are two or more characters from the same franchise then they will interact with each other.

The object tracking is good until you start moving the camera and the characters don’t just run off the surface you put them on and it looks like they are standing on tables or the surfaces you placed them on originally. The image quality is slightly decreased however for the first release it came out pretty well.

As a note you do have to have a Pixel running on Android 8.1. We are not sure if it works on the Galaxy S8 line of phones. We hope you will share pictures you take with the AR stickers. We also hope Google will add more characters for you to take pictures with.

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