Pixel Outside Warranty Gets New Repair Service


Google is offering a repair service for Pixel phones which are now outside of the warranty period (via The Verge). The repair service will include all the four models. Although Pixel 2/XL will take at least 12 more months after Google extended their warranties when users complained about the build quality.

The repair service is currently available in the US. To avail the service, you have to enter your Pixel’s IMEI number. This will let Google know whether or not your device is under warranty or not.

Then you can describe the problems you are facing with your device. Repair work should be completed within seven to ten working days.

It’s good to see how Google is providing its own repairing service instead of being dependent on third-party services. Those are usually a hit or miss, so it’s reassuring that Google is offering a repair service of its own.

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