Google Pixel 4 might finally come with AT&T


The Google Pixel’s have always been limited when it came to the carrier options, but this year things might change. The Pixel 3, was the widest phone by Google in terms of carrier availability, but still then it did not come for AT&T.


PhoneArena was sent a tip containing what appears to be an internal AT&T email about the Google Pixel 4.

AT&T now seems to be selling the Pixel range in its portfolio. The news comes from an email from a leaked agency that hires workers to check the Pixel 4. To date, Pixel phones have only been available on T-Mobile, Verizon and Sprint, but now that the biggest U.S. carrier has entered, Google can now extend its scope to more customers.

Before everything is announced, we won’t have to wait much longer. At an event scheduled for Tuesday, October 15th, about a week – and-a-half from now, Google is set to announce the Pixel 4.

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