Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4XL support fast wireless charging


Google announced it Pixel Series, the most leaked smartphone till date, back on October 16. And as per the leaks, it is now confirmed that both the Pixel devices have support for fast wireless charging on any Qi rated wireless charger.

While being an industry standard champion, Google did not exactly hop with the Pixel phones on the wireless charging tech. It was only with last year’s Pixel 3 that Google finally added the feature. It provided fast wireless charging up to just 10 watts, not just below the Qi wireless charging level, but also exclusive to Google’s own wireless charger Pixel Stand.

It shows that the family of Pixel 4 has finally let go of it dumb ban on third party chargers. You don’t need the Pixel Stand or Google-approved hardware to easily charge your phone wirelessly anymore.

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