Pixel Buds to get their first feature drop next month.


Feature drops are meant to bring features for the Google hardware specifically. And Google does bring several features in the Feature drops for its Pixel devices. Now, Google is bringing a new update to the Pixel Buds next month which will be the first Feature Drop for Buds.

In an interview, Google Wearables Project Manager informed Forbes that Google will release a “Feature Drop” update for the Pixel Buds. This update will come by the next month. Although Sandeep Waraich didn’t mention any clear date, he says that it can land by the late-August.

He also shared some information about the features that will come with the new update. However, he didn’t gave any exact details about the update:

Our next release will have a combination of new features…and then we’ll also have performance improvements in terms of more stability coming into the product. We are touching upon a lot of corner cases, where our product either is unstable or will have certain RF glitches or cutouts – we’re improving that as well.

He also shares that there can be an issue with the Bluetooth headphones due to the interference of other devices, and the design of the Pixel Buds might cause some issues as well. This is the only issue for every Bluetooth headphone in the market.

Source: Android Central

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