Pixel Buds feature update is here with new features!


Google has started rolling out feature updates for its Pixel Buds. This new feature update brings some cool new features for the Pixel Buds. This includes more EQ, Find Your Buds, and many others.

More Audio Personalisation

After listening to the user feedback, and suggestions asking for more control to the audio, Google is now finally bringing Bass Boost, and Sharing Detection to Buds.

In case you share your buds, you will no longer need to sacrifice the volume in any of the buds now. This feature comes with Sharing Detection,which automatically detects when you are sharing the Buds with someone. And now with this feature you can individual volume to each of your Buds.

Live Transcribe, Translate – Your Call!

With the helpful Conversation Mode feature, you can translate while you talk, and with the transcribe feature, you can listen to the voice of the universe! Just kidding! The Transcribe feature will read out the translated text to you directly into your ears! As of now, the feature is rolling out with the support for French, Italian, German, and Spanish will be into the English language.

Can I have your attention, sir?

A new experimental feature is also making its way. This new feature, called the Attention Alert, intentionally reduces your Pixel Buds’ volume so that you can hear what the hell is actually going around you. This feature is triggered if your dog is barking for whatever reason, your baby is crying or an emergency vehicle sirens are going out loud.

Along side, Google also released a feature for Find My Device which can let you see where you lost your Buds. It works with Ring My Buds feature released a few months back. This shows the last location where you Pixel Buds are even if its not connected to your Android phone.

Make Assistant more useful.

Now you can ask the Assistant to turn on/off the touch controls to prevent accidental touches. Also, you can turn the touch controls on/off in Buds Settings. Also, You can ask the Assistant to tell you how much battery is left in the Buds.

More Colors.

Starting today, The Pixel Buds is also available in Almost Black, Oh So Orange, and Quite Mint colors.

Source: Google Blog

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