Google Photos gets updated with advanced Video Editing features


This week, Google Photos on Android will get the latest video editor that Google first showed us back in February. You may want to look right now and start playing because this is a significant improvement to the video editing experience.

When the latest tools were first teased, Google promised cropping, perspective shifts, granular edits, and a slew of filters. Now that the update has arrived on my computer, I can confirm that they weren’t lying. The new toolkit is very comprehensive. The controls for brightness, contrast, saturation, vignette, shadows, skin tone, and blue tone settings were all anticipated. You can also add annotations to a video.

In the blog post, Google said,

With the new video editor, in addition to trimming, stabilizing and rotating your videos, you’ll now be able to crop, change perspective, add filters, apply granular edits (including brightness, contrast, saturation and warmth) and more.

Google Photos Video Editor

You can choose ‘Adjust’ after selecting a video from your library and pressing the ‘Edit’ icon, and you should see the same modification tools as in the image below. Each tool appears as a circle or bubble symbol, and you can drag the panel left and right by touching and dragging your finger left and right. After you’ve chosen one of the choices below, you can increase or decrease a value by moving your finger left or right on the notched slider.

Video stabilization, cropping, exporting HDR shots, adding filters, and even marking up the live playback with a colored pen or highlighter are available in the redesigned video editor.

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