A Hardware Event by Google might be on its way!


While it’s no surprise the Google will soon launch its Pixel 6 series, the company is also working on some other Hardware products on the side. Thanks to Mishaal Rahman (@MishaalRahman), we now know that the company is planning for an event launch on the 5th of October for all kinds of other hardware and software.

According to the post by CNET that was later taken down. it looks like Google will launch some of its latest products in this launch event. This includes Nest, Maps, and Travel, along with new smart speakers and smart home appliances. In addition, it might also include improvements to Google Maps and Google Travel/Flights.

  • hadware event
  • hardware event

But surprisingly, there was no mention of the upcoming Pixel 6 series in this now-deleted post. Meanwhile, the expected launch date of the lineup is on the 19th of October. 

With the launch event of 5th October not that far away, we will have to wait to know what this launch event will include.

via -  Androidpolice

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