Pixel 6 to get 5 years of security updates.


A new leak about the Pixel 6 series is here. And yes you read the title right. Google will be pushing 5 years of security updates to the Pixel 6 series. With Android 12, Google is focusing more on the security of their devices.

Thanks to the custom SoC from Google, and Google now owning everything about their SoC and hardware, they can now make the device more secure as per their requirements. Moreover, getting 5 years of security software updates is a very big deal in the Android community. If you see the image below, you can see that with the very font size, Google has also mentioned that the 5 years will include the date of availability of the device in the store.

Android has a bad reputation with updates. Pixel 6 might solve it.

Android has been way behind Apple’s iOS in terms of updates. Well, Apple does provide a whole system update just to fix a single bug but is still counted in the update count. Moreover, iOS devices do get an entirely new iOS version everytime, but in case of Android, entry-level devices get close to no major updates, security updates are scarce. The before-mid do get some updates, especially the major OS updates, almost 2, with quarterly updates. The mid-range and the high-end devices will get 3 years of major updates thanks to Samsung. More OEMs are adding their devices to this new update pipeline. But Google used to give just 2 major updates with 3 years of security. On the other hand, Samsung will start providing 4 years of security updates for the selected devices only.

But it’s to be noted that Google hasn’t talked much about the major OS updates yet. And since this is coming from a leaked marketing document, we can say this might be true, or Google might change things internally and announce it later on October 19th.

Source: 9to5Google

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