Google might be working on Tensor 2 chip already.


So, Pixel fans the 6 series finally a week or so ago, after months of rumors, leaks, and official teases. We now have the first custom made chip made from google called Tensor processor. And it looks like the company isn’t wasting any time in a follow up chipset for the next years Pixel 7 series.  

According to our source 9to5Google who conducted a teardown in some of the apps on the Pixel 6, discovering a codename called ‘Cloudripper’. The outlet suggested that this wasn’t a Pixel 7 series codename but the name for a developer board used for the 2022 flagships. The source added that Cloudripper is related to a second-generation Tensor processor, citing documentation it viewed earlier this year. This second-generation chipset has the GS201 model number, as opposed to the Tensor’s GS101 number.

I think it’s no surprise that Google would be working on their second-generation chipset Tensor 2. Chipsets can take a few years to develop for one, and I very doubt that Google would offer a custom chip for the Pixel 6 and then go back to Qualcomm it would be pointless. Nevertheless, it makes sense that we could see this processor inside the Pixel 7 range next October. Moreover, the shortage of the chips is hitting hard, even the smartphone industry is suffering from this plague.

There’s no word on Tensor 2 of yet, but we’re guessing that Google will offer an upgraded TPU for machine learning tasks. We will look forward to the future of the Tensor and what next year has to offer in 2022.

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