Pixel 6: Was supposed to arrive with Face Unlock!


The Pixel 6 Series like all its predecessors had leaks of its specifications months before its release. But out of all the leaks revealed there was no news on whether the device will come equipped with Face Unlock Soli technology similar to its predecessor the Pixel 4 Series.

Face Unlock

Furthermore, the Pixel 4 Series worked with a combination of the Soli sensor for hand gestures, and the IR and dot projector to read the face for fast processing and analyzing a wide variety of angles to make the Face Unlock feature work. It is unclear how the company was planning to make this work with only the front camera in the latest pixel series.

Moreover, there are official promo images that suggest that the devices were supposed to roll out with Face Unlock functionality, but obviously, that didn’t happen. There however have been reports suggesting that this feature though was planned as the part of the device didn’t make it in the final cut.

Face Unlock

Reports from an XDA Recognized Developer- Freak07 reveal that the Face Unlock was indeed a Pixel 6 feature from the beginning. Freak07 also posted a tweet referencing a commit dating back to July 9th, revealing that Google made a code change to the Pixel 6’s PowerHal config file. The tweet also unveils that Google internally called the Face Unlock feature “Tuscany”, and it was working on improving the impact on the battery by boosting the CPU clusters.

Now we can only speculate that this feature wasn’t completely developed for roll out with the device at the Pixel launch event. Maybe they will bring about this feature in the next feature drop or with the next device.

via:  Pocketnow

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