Android 13 DP1 lets you run full Windows 11 on Pixel 6 as a VM!


Windows 11 has its own WSA or Windows Subsystem for Android inbuild and is being tested in the US on the Beta channel. This is actually a layer of VM or say Hyper-V layer which is running Android inside it. Very recently Google also added a KVM or Kernel level VM of the Linux kernel in Chrome OS. And same thing, most probably, has made to Android 13 DP1.

Yes, you can technically and literally run Windows 11 on a VM in a Pixel 6/Pixel 6 Pro, if you flash the Android 13 DP1 firmware. During testing, the twitter user and senior member of XDA, kdrag0n, has found that with the new DP1, Google has added the ability to expose the Exception Type 2 Hypervisor Priviledge Level, to the kernel for its new protected KVM or pKVM. However, you have to activate for each of the VMs you are trying to run. Google has already planned shipping pKVM with Android 13 in the future. However, its worth noting that the pKVM is more than enough, but to access the direct KVM or say non-protected KVM you need to have a root access.

But if you want to write a VM app, it should ask for special permission to run in the MicroDroid VM to access direct KVM.

Source: XDA

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