Pixel 7 Series: Coming sooner than expected!


Google is in the process of releasing its latest Pixel 6a and the Pixel 7 Series. Recent news suggests that Google is delaying the Pixel 6a device launch to late July and forwarding the Pixel 7 Series.

Pixel 7 Series

According to the DSCC CEO Ross Young, we get to know more about the Series key specs. The vanilla Pixel 7 with the codename “Cheetah” and the Pixel 7 Pro with the codename “Panther.” The vanilla Pixel 7 will have a 6.3″ display and the 7 Pro will have a 6.7″ LTPO display with a 120Hz refresh rate. Both the devices will house Google’s second-generation GS201 Tensor chipset.

Pixel 7 Series

Furthermore, Ross Young predicts that this year’s panel shipments will begin one month sooner. From May onwards, Google is expected to begin receiving display panels for the Pixel 7 series of phones. This could indicate that the phones will begin delivering in September, roughly in time for Apple’s iPhone 14 series.

More information on the device will be given in the coming days.

via: Android Central

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