Google Messages: Gets a customize ‘Swipe Action’


Google Messages has a new beta update which brings us a customizable ‘Swipe Action’. Users will be able to customize what happens when they swipe away a conversation using this feature.

Earlier, this feature only allowed users to instantly archive a chat in Google Messages by swiping it left or right on the app’s home screen. This sends the chat to be quickly buried away into the “Archived” page.

The new beta update of Google messenger, version 20220721 brings a new  “Swipe action” page in the settings. It gives users the option to decide what happens when they swipe a message to the left or to the right separately. The options include – archiving a discussion, completely deleting it, or taking no action at all.

  • Swipe Action
  • Swipe Action

However, since Android 10 introduced full gestural navigation, swipe actions have become challenging. It’s far too simple to swipe backward in an attempt to send a communication to the archive. Since Google Messages recently added a navigation drawer, which allows a very similar gesture to launch it, the problem has grown even worse.

It should only take a few weeks before the feature is made available to everyone who uses Google Messages. Currently, it is broadly available in the beta update. To sign up for the Google Messages beta, simply click on the link attached here: Android App Testing – Google Play

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