Pixel Watch to be priced at $349.99!


With not much left unknown about the upcoming Pixel watch, we now have information regarding the price and color variants for the smartwatch.

9to5 Google revealed the cellular model’s $399.99 price for the first time in late August. Later they could validate that price further with the help of a retail source and can now confirm the Bluetooth/Wi-Fi model’s starting price is $349.99.

In addition, we also have information regarding the various color variants the watch comes in. While the LTE variant is available in Black/Obsidian, Silver/Charcoal, and Gold/Hazel, the Wi-Fi/Bluetooth model is only available in a Black case with an Obsidian band, Silver/Chalk, and Gold/Hazel. In contrast to charcoal, which is a dark grey, and obsidian, which is just black, chalk should be an off-white tint. The first color refers to the device’s body, while the second is the band, which Google is known to be developing a wide range of.

It would be fascinating to see how well the Pixel Watch performs given its price given that Google has a lot of competitors in the wristwatch industry. It won’t be long until we finally get to see it in person; there are probably only a few more weeks before it’s published.

via - 9to5Google

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