Pixel 7 listed on Amazon Europe!


This week, Google’s Pixel surprises just can’t seem to remain under wraps. Amazon has once again uploaded the Pixel 7 ahead of schedule after a US leak, and this time it has confirmed the device’s price in Europe.

The first time we heard that the price of the Pixel 7 wouldn’t increase was from an inside source who claimed that the prices for the Pixel7 and Pixel7 Pro would remain at $599 and $899, respectively. A short while later, Amazon revealed more information by explicitly confirming that pricing with an early listing on their website that also appeared to reveal the phone’s release date.

The Pixel7 price in Europe has now been confirmed by Amazon, according to a screenshot sent on Twitter by Jose Morales Ros from Amazon in Spain. The phone will reportedly cost €649. The phone was sold for that amount in European nations last year.

Roland Quandt claims that Amazon Germany, Italy, and the UK all display the same price, albeit we assume the UK is actually showing £599 due to the different exchange rates.

Pixel 7

On October 6, Google will formally introduce the Pixel7 along with the Pixel Watch and other new goods.

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