Here are 10 camera upgrades that are coming up with the Pixel 7 series.


Google announced the Pixel 7 series yesterday while bringing numerous changes to photography with the Pixel 7. Here are the 10 most important features discussed by Google in the event.

Real Tone.

This year, Google is improving the Real Tone with the Pixel 7 series. With more than 10,000 images, and with the help of Diversity Photos, Google is able to achieve improvements in their Real Tone feature.

Guided Frame.

With the new Pixel 7 series, Google has included a new feature called the Guided Frame. This feature is very helpful for visually impaired people to take amazing selfies, without a distorted pictures. In this, the phone dictates to the user how to align themselves with the phone camera, takes in the perfect frame, and clicks the best shot for them.

Photo Unblur.

There are a lot of images we have that got blurred due to us being impatient or the object being at speed faster than the camera shutter. This leads to blurred images. With the Pixel 7 series, Google is adding a Photo Unblur to let you unblur your shots, including the old images taken from Non-Pixel devices.

Better Low Light Photography.

With the new camera sensor, updated software, and power Tensor G2, the night photography takes in better quality nighttime shots with less possible noise and combined with Real Tone, the images come out even better.

Macro Shots.

With the Pixel 7 Pro, you get to see an upgraded ultra-wide sensor, which is 21% more wide and now even capable to capture perfect macro shots that were only possible with DSLRs. Along with the auto-focus, the ultra-wide sensor is way too capable. Just take your Pixel 7 Pro and move to an object as close as 3cm and let the ultra-wide fire up and take the shot.

Super Res Zoom.

With the Pixel 7 series, get ready to take in super res zoom images. With Super Res, the main 50MP sensor captures an image, zooms in, and crops at 2X, upscales it with a little bit of HDR+ touch, and boom! You get an image similar to what a telephoto lens with 2X optical zoom can capture. The resultant image will be 12.5MP.

More Zoom.

With the Pixel 7 Pro, you get a 48MP telephoto sensor. At 5x Zoom, the new sensor kicks in, with Super Res zoom, which works similarly as stated before. Moreover, at 10x you get an image similar to a 10X Optical Zoom telephoto sensor. At 15X and beyond, the Zoom Stabilization kicks in, letting you capture a better 15X image without that shaky motion of your hands. At 20X, the ML kicks in, capturing stunning Zoom images till 30X, resulting in the same 12.5MP image.

Oh, the in-between shot?

With the new Super Res Zoom, you can get even better images between the 1X and 5X zoom, without the loss of details – be it a 3X or a 4X zoom.

Better Video recording.

With the new Pixel 7 series, you can capture 4K 60FPS from all the cameras, and with Speech Enhancement, the speaker’s voice will be isolated from the neighboring noise. With the new Cinematic Blur, you can achieve portrait video when recording a video. Moreover, you get to capture 10-bit HDR videos directly from your Pixel.

Easy Share.

In collaboration with Snap, you can now capture images and videos taking full advantage of the Pixel 7 hardware, in addition to Dual – a way to record from both the front and the rear camera at the same time.

Source: Google Blog

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