WhatsApp is rolling out the Avatars feature.


Meta, out of the blue has started pushing the Avatars feature in WhatsApp. This feature allows you to create your avatar and use it as a profile picture or as a sticker around the app.

Today, I got a new option under the Settings Section. This section is called “Avatars”; yes, as stated, you can create your own avatar for a new WhatsApp profile photo or as a sticker. The steps are easy to make an avatar.

After Heading to Settings>Avatar (in case you already got it), you can create your face with the available options, including an open camera button to look at your face live and create the avatar. Just like any platform with this feature around the system – Samsung and Apple you can customize them as much as you want, minus, Samsung charges for some props.

The feature is currently rolling out on v2.22.24.7 (Beta)

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