RegiStar is a new addition to the Good Lock module.


Samsung seems to work very hard to add more modules to the Good Lock suite. Plus, for a very long time, Samsung fans are asking the company to add more features to the Power Key instead of the regular Bixby/Power off option. Guess what, RegiStar brings those features to your device.

As per the Galaxy Apps Store description:

Conveniently configure the Settings app and press the side key, tap the back, or press the screen strongly to quickly launch useful features.

- Re-configure menu of Settings home screen: Change order, hide,manage groups
- Set method of displaying Samsung account on the Settings home screen
- Search settings change history, change notification settings
- Activate features by tapping the back of the device (Galxy S/ Flip only)
- Run features by long-pressing the side key
- Run features by pressing the screen strongly (Fold 4 only)

The list sounds promising, and there are certain features only meant for Fold 4, and the S/Flip series, the rest are available for all of the devices – running on Android 13, that is.

Thanks to Yash Aggarwal for sharing this info, and the screenshots for the same on his Fold 4.

You can grab the app here

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