Your next smartphone might come with LG’s optical sensor, with no bump!


LG Innotek has announced a new camera module, which aims to reduce the camera bump from your next smartphone altogether. Although LG has been out of the mobile business since the beginning of this year, LG Innotek has been one of the significant suppliers of camera modules.

With the new sensor, LG could achieve a telephoto camera level by shifting the camera lens inside the module and changing the lens’s positioning in the process. LG calls it the Optical Telephoto Zoom Camera Module and claims to have squeezed the mechanism of a DSLR into a small tiny component.

This module is thinner than the average telephoto camera module. Due to the change in design, this is all set to reduce the camera bump, which many people hate. In fact, LG has worked closely with Qualcomm for their Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 to support the new camera module, which will be announced at CES 2023.

Source: Android Authority

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