Fitbit Premium: Subscription price raised!


Normally, a Fitbit Premium subscription costs $10 each month, or $80 if you pay for the entire year at once. With the discount you may get through January 17, Premium—which displays more thorough health and fitness statistics but is more expensive and may have discouraged you from trying it—might be worth a try.

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A monthly membership that costs $4 or $32 for the first year (40% discount). The last choice offers the best value because it costs $2.67 per month (as opposed to $6.67 with the full $80 membership).

Similar terms apply to India; the first month costs 39 rupees (down from 99), and the first year costs 399 rupees (down from 999), or little more than 33 rupees per month.

Apple Watch Ultra

Although the lower rates are not visible on Fitbit’s website, Europeans could look for a discount as well (try through the app).
More information on the extra features made possible by Fitbit Premium is available here. These comprise more than 200 exercises, more than 200 mindfulness practices, sleep score analyses, wellness reports, and more.

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