Pre-Orders of GalaxyS23 series break records in India!


The brand-new GalaxyS23 series was unveiled by Samsung last week, and despite the price increase, the business received about 140,000 pre-orders in India in the first day. There is a significant market for high-end devices in the country, as seen by the fact that this year’s Galaxy S22 pre-orders were around double what they were last year. It’s possible that Samsung’s pre-order promotions and free gifts swung the scale in their favor.

Indian preorder records are broken by Samsung’s Galaxy S23 series.
No allocation of pre-orders was disclosed by a Samsung representative. A Galaxy S23 member would bring in $169 million in sales if the average selling price were INR 99,000 ($1,200).

Samsung has recently opened a big production facility in India Рthe biggest one in the country, actually Рand Galaxy S23 series sold in the country are assembled there.

via - Samsung Galaxy S23 series breaks pre-order records in India 

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