Google Lens Screen Search is coming to your Android soon.


Google, after getting terrified of the capabilities of ChatGPT, has announced its own ChatGPT-like conversational AI feature for its Search catalog. This also includes Google Assistant, which is the most widely used assistant on any platform to date. Google is also bringing a new feature called Google Lens Screen Search for its Assistant on Android pretty soon, as well.

Screen Search is a replacement for Assistant’s What is on my screen search. Just like the old Google Now, Screen Search will be always available to a user. Here are two scenarios explained by Google for the usecase:

  1. “Say your friend sends you a message with a video of them exploring Paris. If you want to learn more about the landmark you spot in the background, you can simply long-press the power or home button on your Android phone (which invokes your Google Assistant) and then tap “search screen.” Lens identifies it as Palais du Luxembourg — and you can click to learn more.”
  2. “Or perhaps you notice an interesting-looking chair in the video and want to find where to get it or chairs that look like it. Simply long-press the power or home button on your phone (which invokes your Google Assistant) and then tap “search screen” to find options.”

The feature is set to roll out for Android devices in the coming months.

On the other hand, another feature called Multisearch is already made available in around the globe. In this feature, you can add your query to an image captured via the Lens. A “near me” feature is yet to be implemented and released in the coming months.

This is also going to make its way to Google Photos and Search as well.

Google Multisearch coming to Google Photos and Search.

Source: 9to5Google

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